What's Going on Here?

This is a website to announce and coordinate an event on October 11, 2008, as part of the alternate reality game Superstruct.  In the spirit of the "Generation Exile" global extinction awareness superthreat, we have formed an underground railroad network to support refugees who wish to relocate to Northern California.  Year of Plenty members are members of that network, people who are willing to shelter, shepherd, and support refugee relocation in wealthy areas with prohibitive zoning legislation. 

On October 11, we are expecting a fictitious boat full of refugees.  We are hosting a potluck dinner at which participants will creatively brainstorm ways that those of us who are more fortunate can help illegal migrants in a war-ridden, high ocean-level, disease-wrought world.  You will not be expected to take someone home with you, but you will be expected to come with something to share and leave with new ideas, actions, and opportunities.  If you would like to attend, please fill out the form on the front page and we will get back to you with more information about the location etc.

So many future-casting scenarios focus on those who are disempowered.  There will always be wealth in this world, and many of us will be in "years of plenty" when others have nothing.  What could you give to someone else?  An extra bedroom?  A connection to your water supply?  A new identity?  On October 11, we will bring our skills and imaginations together to envision what being a "global neighbor" will mean in 2019.

You can see videos related to this event here.