Time to Celebrate 2019!

We all know this has been a great season for the members of Year of Plenty.  While the rest of the world is struggling, we are thriving.  It is in the spirit of survival and fond feelings for our global neighbors that we come together on October 11 to share a meal and and the fruits of our labor.

Please join us on Saturday, October 11 at 5pm in Santa Cruz for a potluck dinner.  Please refrain from bringing any animal-contaminated or network-enabled products.  We want this to be a safe event for everyone.

As always, each participant is also asked to bring a symbolic offering for our new members. We will be actively matchmaking experienced members with those who are new to our fold; you are encouraged to bring something that will make them feel welcome and support their participation in the Year of Plenty.  Workshops and practical skill transference is appreciated.

You can find more information about our activities via this member's blog here.

To attend, please RSVP with your name, number of members in your party, and information about the kind of support you can provide to new members.